I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the School of Computing and Information Systems, Singapore Management University (SMU).

Prior to this position, I held roles as a Senior Research Scientist at Sea AI Lab and as a Research Scientist at Salesforce. I completed my Ph.D. degree at the National University of Singapore (NUS), fortunately advised by Prof. Jiashi Feng and Prof. Shuicheng Yan. Before studying in NUS, I graduated from Peking University (PKU) where I had the honor to work with Prof. Zhouchen Lin and Prof. Chao Zhang. I also collaborated closely with Prof. Xiaotong Yuan. I also spent several wonderful months at Georgia Tech in 2018 and Princeton University in 2019 as a visiting student.             Google Scholar

Research Interests

My target is to build “efficient and effective artificial intelligent systems” so that machines can cognize, understand and interact with the environment. Currently, I mainly focus on three research topics across machine learning, computer vision and optimization. See more details here.

  • Learning framework: how to learn knowledge from (unlabeled) data effectively and efficiently? E.g. self-supervised (multi-modal) learning and generative models like diffusion models for image/3D/video.
  • Network architecture design: how to design more advanced neural network architectures?
  • Parameter optimizer: how to design training algorithms like Adam to efficiently train AI models?
Open Positions
  • I am seeking for (part-time) Ph.D. applicants with strong background in computer science and mathematics, fully-supported by SMU/AISG/SINGA/industry scholarship.
  • I am recruiting visiting Ph.D. and Masters for AIGC direction like 3D generation topic.
  • I am looking for self-fund or CSC-fund visiting scholars, Ph.D., and Masters with interests in my research topics or related ones.
  • I am welcoming remote interns/scholars and collaborations without strong restrictions on topics.

Please check details of open positions, and feel free to contact me via email.